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The Archival Clips site is a collection of stock footage clips sourced from archival collections - individual collectors, home movie collections, historical and regional archives. It is maintained by A/V Geeks LLC. We are happy to also be respresenting Orgone Cinema Archive, the Center for Home Movies, Craig Baldwin, Cinema Bomar Archive and others.

A/V Geeks LLC has been collecting, screening and digitizing films from their vast archive of over 25,000 16mm films. Over the last 20 years, we have been providing footage from our archive for film and video productions for music videos, documentaries, feature films, comedy shorts and new educational works.

At this point we've only digitizing a small portion of the collections and new clips are appearing almost daily. If you don't see a clip that you need for your project, please don't hesitate contacting us at or 919-247-7752.

Also if you have a collection of 16mm or 35mm films that you are interested in us helping you to sell for stock footage, please don't hesitate contacting us at or 919-247-7752.