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1920s: Firefighters battle fire in large building. 1920s: Firefighters battle fire in large building. 1920s: Firefighters battle fire in large building. 1920s: Firefighters battle fire in large building. 1920s: Traveling on boat passed bridges and small islands. Tourists climb aboard docked boat. Boating passed small islands. Men on smiling. Firefighters fight fire in building as crowd watches. 1920s: Traveling on boat passed small islands in water. Traveling passed houses in islands. Traveling passed more small islands. 1920s: Traveling on boat passed small islands in water. Houses on islands while passing by on boat. 1920s: Tall building on shore as boat goes by. More houses along shore while going by on boat. Island in water. 1920s: Boat named Kingston drives through water. Side of boat named Kingston. Stone archway over water. House surrounded by water. House along shore. Other boats in water. Building on shore. 1920s: Building in city. People standing on top of hill. Girl, two women and man walk down steps. Docked tour boat. Woman and girl stand by fence. Girl smiling, powdering self. Steam boat in water. 1920s: Man, two women and girl walk up hill. Building below hill. Ship in harbor. City along waterfront. 1920s: People sitting on benches. Girl drinking water from spout. Sign for Kent House. People sitting in car. Traveling down countryside. Cars parked along street in city. Family on hillside. 1920s: Two women in tram car. Waterfall. Family walks along path at base of waterfall. Tram rides down tracks. 1920s: Traveling down road, passed houses in the countryside. Group of people going into building. Waterfall. Tram tracks lead down into building. Girl. 1920s: Church steeple. People walking up steps on knees. Large building. Woman, man and girl in carriage attached to horse. Two kids sit in carts attached to dogs. People sitting in back of truck. 1920s: Two women and girl walk across boardwalk. Man and woman sit in horse-drawn carriage. Riding down roads in town, passed buildings. People walking into building. 1920s: Girl sitting on woman's lap, both are smiling. Boat in water. Girl on deck of boat. Captain and sailors piloting boat. Sailors working boat while passengers sit on deck bellow. 1920s: Two people with bikes on city street. People standing around docks. Boat pulling out of harbor. Boat goes passed homes along shore. Boat goes passed docked boats in harbor. 1920s: Boat pulling through docks then passed downtown. Men standing around docks. Boxes stacked at docks. Sailors tying knots with rope. 1920s: Horse-drawn carriages on road by park. Man sits on bench in park. Memorial in park. Woman in hat riding in automobile. Docked boat. Girl waving. Boat pulls away from dock. 1920s: River runs by side of the road. Two roosters fight in yard. Traffic officer stands in city street. Woman walking through park. Officer directing traffic in intersection.
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