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1930s: Woman and man sit on armchair, smile and talk, child approaches them, woman holds the child and sits her on the armchair, they talk and smile. Intertitle “The End”. Film leader with letters. 1930s: Intertitle. House with a yard, child rides a tricycle. Woman sits on armchair, a man enters the room, talks to woman, shows her a paper and sits on the armchair, child watches at the entrance. 1930s: Factory workers punch card on time clock. Two men wash their faces, clean it with a towel and walk away. Workers punch card on time clock. Several men leave building. 1930s: Man shakes head, talks to man who sits at desk in an office. Intertitle. Man talks to boss. Drawing of door on wall with text “Opportunity” and the sun rise underneath, text appears. 1930s: Men speak next to machines, walk away. Men wash themselves, a man comes and drinks water, two men wash themselves. Man stands and talks to man who sits at desk in an office. Intertitle. 1930s: Workers in a factory. Man operates industrial machine. Split screen of two men who operate machine and put goods into container. Man stands next to machine. Chimney with smoke. 1930s: Students sit and look at professor who writes on a board. Professor stands next to machine and board with a list with title “Weaknesses of Present System”, he talks to students. Intertitle. 1930s: Intertitle. Man sits at a desk and studies. Page of open book with electrical schemes. Man sits at desk and thinks with hand on his chin, he looks around the papers and starts to write. 1930s: Children on swings at a playground surrounded by trees. Baseball player prepares to throw ball, player prepares to hit. Men play baseball. Women and children sit at table under trees. 1930s: Woman holds baby in her arms, another woman inspects the baby. Woman in a garden surrounded by houses, two children play inside a cage. 1930s: Doctor's office with bed and closets. Women leave building and walk down the stairs. Woman stands at porch with a baby cart, knocks on the door, a woman comes out and holds baby in her arms. 1930s: Garden with buildings around, clothes hang on a rope, people garden. Two men enter building with columns. Man prepares medicine in a doctor’s office. 1930s: Intertitle. Children ride tricycle on sidewalk next to houses. Woman sits on the wall with a baby and smiles in front of house, two kids sit on the other side. Garden with buildings around. 1930s: Car parked on a street with buildings, people walk. Family eats at table, man speaks with woman while child eats. Child sneezes and shivers from cold. Workers operate machines in a factory. 1930s: Men operate industrial machines in a factory. Chimney with smoke. Men sit on a wall and eat. Women sit, smile and knit. Intertitle. 1930s: Men operate machine in a cannery, a man stacks cans, the other packs them. Man stacks packages with cans. Women work in an assembly line, man operates machine. Man stacks boxes inside closet. 1930s: Several women sit and work in line next to big wheels with cables in a factory. 1930s: Several workers sit and operate machines inside a factory. Big wheels with text “Western Electric CO” rotate inside factory, people walk around big machines. 1930s: Several workers walk in a line outside of factory complex. Chimney with smoke. Primitive assembly line with men who sit on the machines and women who sort goods on the conveyor belt. 1930s: Timeline with graphics of industrial workers on a chart, office workers with high rise buildings, building “Opportunity” and wall “Barrier of Limited Education” with industrial workers. 1930s: Table with headers “Grammar School”, “High School”, “College” is divided diagonally, animated hand peels bottom of the chart, image of industrial mining appears. Graphic of workers on a chart.
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