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UNITED STATES: 1940s: Microscopic pond creatures seen through a microscope. 1940s: UNITED STATES: man shows product to customer in shop. Man buys pencil leads in store. Men talk at shop counter 1930s: Palm tree sways in breeze.  Man shakes tree.  Men gather leaves from ground. 1950s: Wind blows tumbleweed across desert. View of hill with erosion. View of barbed wire fence in the desert. View of land after fire. 1930s: UNITED STATES: time lapse of plant roots growing and appearing 1960s: Man writes chemical equation underneath row of petri dishes. 1930s: Passengers relax on deck of ocean liner; two ladies pose in period fashions; boxers spar in onboard ring for audience of passengers. 1990s: Seat material upon impact. Woman talks. Plane crashes. 1950s: Man looks concerned. Man and police officer walk to car. Man and police officer examine headlight of car. 1950s SOUTH AFRICA: Field in coastal lowlands. Mountain range and plateaus. Desert. Antelope and elephants in nature. 1940s: Car drives down road.  City.  Country.  Highway. 1960s: Teacher holds box and talks to children in classroom. Children sit at arts table and listen to teacher. 1950s: UNITED STATES: boy punches bag in gym. Boy hits punch bag. Boy adjusts glove. Boy pounds bag 1960s: MEXICO: NASA tracking station. Man climbs up ladder into hatch. Man stands on radar. NASA base in Mexico. Mast and building 1950s: UNITED STATES: tubes and elements in machine. Transistorised computer with wires in laboratory. Man works in office 1960s: Servers place tea set and plates on table. Woman in period dress pours tea for couple in booth. 1960s: Man picks up model of spacecraft, takes model apart, zoom in on space shuttle in hands. 1940s: River runs through village in valley. Farmers work in field. River flows under building. Man sweeps grain around grinding stone in mill. Water wheel turns under mill. 1950s: Man hands letters to elderly man. Men sit at desk and talk. Man stands from desk and sits on edge of table. Man speaks passionately to men at desk. 1950s: Teacher writes on the blackboard. Kindergarten teacher bends over students table to help. Teacher in front of class unfolds a paper. 1950s: Man waves and walks toward house. Dog eats all the food in bowl and rabbit crawls under fence.
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