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1950s: UNITED STATES: Title for color. Introduction of colour television. Man speaks to camera. 1930s: A boy reading at his desk in a classroom grabs his neck as if something hit him. He grabs a chalk eraser and throws it across the room, breaking a window. Another boy laughs. 1950s CANADA: boat in harbour. Boat moored to jetty. Boats in fishing village. Seagulls above boats 1930s: Soldiers march down street.  Mother and children.  Mob of spectators.  City. UNITED STATES: 1960s: lady picks up leaf and flower. Lady adds flowers to arrangement. UNITED STATES: 1940s: words on paper 'sister sister swam after the seashore'. Boy whispers to girl. Children play Chinese whispers game 1940s: UNITED STATES: lady holds toddler's hand down steps. Toddler rides on boy's back. Boy crawls across ground 1940s: UNITED STATES: river and rapids. Muddy river. Fast flowing river 1940s: UNITED STATES: hand opens desk drawer. Hand removes ink. Hand cleans down machine with cloth Europe 1940s: people cut wood. People repair structures in community. People warm hands over stove. Church ruins 1950s: Delivery man brings two small packages to shipping department. Lazy twin questions delivery. Delivery man asks for signature. 1950s: UNITED STATES: lady holds new baby. Doctor ties umbilical cord. Doctor cuts umbilical cord 1950s: River goes underneath bridge. Broken and dead plants in field. The White House. 1950s: Flag waves in wind on pole on top of castle. Sign for Bunratty Castle. Sign for Shannon Shamrock Inn. 1960s: Tilt up woman on runway. Close up of woman, woman walks on runway. Women walking in front of band. 1940s: Men, women, and children walk around outside. 1950s: Passengers on plane begin standing up and exiting. Flight attendant thanks passengers as they leave. People walking down stair of plane. Man sits in window seat of plane, looks forward. 1950s: Man inspects meat hanging from hooks. Man pumps substance into bags. 1950s: UNITED STATES: actors film show in front of camera. Camera operators film series with actors 1930s: A boy stands in a classroom, in front of a man at a desk and other students. The man gestures and he leaves. Another boy looks nervous, and stands when he is called. 1950s: Wheat fields of the prairies. Combine tractor goes down the rows of the wheat farm.
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