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UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : An open hearth worker places a lid on top of a large vat of molten metal. A crane arm on a ceiling track moves over a line of closed molten metal containers. 1950s: Man in white lab coat and tall, bearded man in robes have a conversation in museum storage room. 1950s: Butterfly on leaf.  Butterfly flaps wings.  Microscopic scales. 1930s: Text reads "The toy seller draws a crowd."  Man with cart of hanging toys.  Children look.  Woman takes child and walks away. 1950s: UNITED STATES: lady injects chemical into tube. Lady in biochemistry lab People Sat on Wall Overlooking Sunrise Over the Sea. Helicopter Flying in Sunlight. View of Campsite from Air. People Sat Working at Stations in a Control Room. 1930s: Burros loaded with supplies walk up dirt road driven by a man. 1930s: two men walking down path, turkeys flying in sky, two men walking through woods, turkey walking through woods 1940s: Bus driver checks tires on bus, open panel, inspects engine, checks oil, closes and locks panel. Bus travels down highway. 1950s: Man stands next to stone ruins, points at stone, waves. Woman stands by stone ruins. Man and woman walk around ruins. 1930s: UNITED STATES: lady in tank. Model turtle under water. Lady under water 1960s: Man holds photograph. 1950s: UNITED STATES: toddler sits on floor and cries. Child walks to baby gate. Lady picks up baby. Child has tantrum 1960s: Men hide around corner.  Man lights cigarette and throws box on the ground. UNITED STATES 1950s-1960s : A technician performs tests in a lab as a doctor gets ready to see a patient. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : Workers at a Henry factory labor on an assembly line. One employee holds on to a canister with a long, thin stem. 1950s: Industrial machine with multiple spinning drill bits rises. Hands turn wheel of car while driving. 1950s: Birds hover and coast through the air.  Vulture in tree.  1930s: Illustrated placard with words. Ox walks down hill. Man leads oxen up ramp to salt drilling tower. Man leads ox into elevated building above drill tower. 1950s: UNITED STATES: sutures behind ear of patient. Rocket with Tail of Fire Headed Towards Space During Launch.  NASA Launch Crew Watch Rocket Head Towards Space Through their Binoculars.
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