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1970s: Man closes car door, zoom in, man talks into camera. United States: 1970s: man unfolds long bandage. Man applies bandage to knee wound. UNITED STATES: 1940s: close up of fabric. Girl stands by pattern. Lady circles numbers on pattern. 1970s: Aircraft flying at low altitude from runway at dusk. Fighter plane taking off. 1970s: Man selects book and talks to boy 1960s: Boy closes car door, takes package out of sock. Boy gets into car next to girl, boy and girl roll up windows. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Cross section animation of coke processing plant. Animation of hot gas escaping from compartment. Label showing temperature of escaping gas 1970s: Oil filters on conveyor belt / Oil filters on conveyor belt / Machinery, zoom out, man talks into camera. United States: 1970s: man with foot wound lies on bed. Man applies bandage to foot wound. UNITED STATES: 1940s: scissors cut along cutting line on pattern. 1970s: Bomber kisses woman on ladder off aircraft, woman descends, bomber holds flashlight and talks, dismounts, second bomber douses him with champagne. 1970s: Women talk. Women writes 1960s: Close up of man, tilt down, man takes package from under birdcage. Man sits at table, pours powder from bag. Boy and girl talk on couch. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Cooling coke being transported in a container across processing plant. Coe being unloaded down a chute. 1970s: Radios / Man next to radios, talks into camera. UNITED STATES 1950s: Students doing various activities around the classroom, young boy presents a frog to some girl students. UNITED STATES: 1940s: lady stitches material together. Lady sits at table. 1970s: Men lined up on stage to receive trophies, one receives trophy and turns. Trophy details. Trophy on stand. Men in uniform walk down aisle in line. 1970s: Hand shakes while playing violin. Different view of hand. 1960s: Zoom in on girl sleeping in bed. Girl in car, view of sidewalk through window, man arrested in background, car drives away. Girl approaches door. UNITED STATES 1950s: Close up, boy plays with magnets / Dissolve, boy picks up paperclips with magnet / Wipe cut, boy plays with toy in pot with object.
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