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1950s: Wedding guests walk by, some are couples. Line of people at car. 1950s: Stop-motion animation.  Boy hands basket to girl.  Girl puts basket on arm.  Children walk into woods.  Boy tears off a piece of bread and throws to ground. 1930s: CANADA: model of a sardine weir. Weir made from brushwood. Bay of Fundy weirs. 1930s: Train yard next to brick buildings including the General Electric building. Interior of the GE plant, with large turbines and mechanics. 1950s: Box of watercolor paints, hand wipes excess water off brush, mixes water into paint in lid, pinches brush, paints vertical, overlapping strokes onto paper. 1950s: Teenage girl rows boat with children.  Mountain.  Sea.  Boat lands.  Children get onto dock.  Boy helps girl.  Young woman waves. 1930s: UNITED STATES: Man talks to boy by wooden house in street. Fly laying eggs title. Fly lays eggs in muck. Maggots on slide 1930s: Car passes large buildings and homes. 1920s: UNITED STATES: tree by swamp. House in grounds. Old house and grass. 1960s: Dark hallway. 1940s: Old people play shuffleboard. Woman watches. Man pushes puck, smiles. Nurse picks up basket with baby inside, carries basket to door. Nurse lays baby down in crib. 1950s: Boy in white poses in yard, younger boy walks in background. Boy in white reads book, posing. Boy in white poses with woman in front of car. 1950s: Stop-motion animation.  Witch stands with children.  Witch pats boy's head.  Witch gestures inside gingerbread house.  Boys smiles and walks in.  Girl and witch go in house.  Door closes. 1930s: CANADA: man fills bucket with fish. Fishermen unload sardines at cannery. 1930s: Steam train passes next to river. Intertitle "Mohawk Tributary" 1950s: Watercolor painting of trees and building. Hand uses flat, wide brush to fill in area at bottom of painting. Old man. Hand paints line across painting indicating horizon. 1950s: Waterfall.  Children herd animals up mountain.  Children and livestock cross field. 1930s: UNITED STATES: man talks to boy in street. Keep clean and well title. Boy tips rubbish in street bin. 1930s: Large stone mission doorway. Man and woman look out at plants and trees. Large stone mission. Car drives past arid landscape. 1920s: UNITED STATES: Old Mission building. Stepping stones across river. Bird on water. 1960s: Tugboat sprays water.
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