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1930s: Animation of construction of underwater tunnel. Construction scaffolding. Machine excavates dirt, dumps dirt into bin. Drawing of underwater tunnel. 1960s: Man loads film projector and turns it on. 1950s: UNITED STATES: Lady collects child from school. Lady smiles at boy. Boy smiles at lady. Feet on sidewalk 1970s: Superhero woman smiles and talks. Superhero woman salutes with shield. Boy and girl salute by holding up three fingers. Girl talks. Superwoman hero thrusts shield into sky and disappears. 1950s CANADA: ship in harbour. Fisherman inspects nets on boat. Man hauls in fish in net 1960s: BRITISH COLUMBIA: CANADA: view of trees and shore from boat. Flooded trees and debris. Clouds over lake 1940s: Shots of plane skywriting. 1940s: Close up of newspaper headline, paper burns away, fade out. End credit. 1940s: UNITED STATES: veal stew promotion in window. Men stand outside greengrocers store in street United States 1960s: man shows pouch to boy. Man puts pouch in goldfish bowl. Man catches goldfish. Man puts goldfish in pouch UNITED STATES: 1970s: lady in audience. Man speaks to audience. NAZARETH, ISRAEL: 1960s: Precipitation Rock. View across valley and hills. View towards city of Nazareth from hill. Buildings in Nazareth. UNITED STATES 1960s: Tracking shot of crowd on street, police escort / View of crowd. 1940s: Beetles swarming on ground. Centipedes crawling on web. Swarm of bugs on tree. Views of bison grazing. Bird feeding babies. 1950s: Boys approach and examine wooden go-cart. Boy sits on go-cart. Hand pulls brake handle, Wooden brake pushes against wheel. Feet stand on pavement. Boy pushes friend in go-cart. 1930s: UNITED STATES: fly larva hatches. Larva looks for food. Fly larva wriggles. Larva moves out of sunlight 1930s: UNITED STATES: man picks up hibernating animal from burrow. 1930s: Bees fly in and around entrances to hive baskets in bee house. Bees climb over honeycomb in hives. 1950s: City.  Buildings.  Support beams.  Children play on playground. 1950s: UNITED STATES: man signs paper. Lady stands at desk in store. Paper in hands. Nervous lady in pharmacy 1960s: Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 34. Liquid oxygen storage tank and tower.
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