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1940s: Boy talks with man in an amateur radio studio, man gives ocarina to boy, boy blows into ocarina. Oscilloscope graphic moves in different shapes. A woman screws on the handle of a pot and uses the pot to cook on the stove. 1970s: UNITED STATES: man in street. Mayor examines damage in city. Man speaks to emergency worker. Policeman holds back people. Family search for dead in rubble UNITED STATES, 1949: Tag on baggage reads UNITED STATES: Man creates puppet's body. UNITED STATES 1940s: Plane falls, smoking / Plane crashes / Ship in harbor explodes / Views of planes flying / Close up of soldier firing machine gun. 1950s: UNITED STATES: flower without petals. Fertilized flower. Dot divides into two. Cells divide from single cell. 1950s: UNITED STATES: worker on drilling rig. Man and boy arrive at oil well in desert. Man on crane. View inside drilling rig. A view of different kitchen appliances at work. 1970s: UNITED STATES: Nurse at hospital. Casualties arrive at hospital. Nurses work outside hospital. UNITED STATES, 1949: Girl talking. UNITED STATES: Man attaches strings to puppet. UNITED STATES 1940s: Views of destroyed airplanes at Pearl Harbor / Dead pilot in ocean. 1950s: UNITED STATES: daisy as an example of a composite flower. Tweezers by flower. Flower flows in breeze 1950s: UNITED STATES: oil refinery and well in Utah desert. Boy and man visit oil plant. Boy visits dog house in desert. Pollen is transferred from one plant to another by a scientist in a green house. 1970s: UNITED STATES: man looks through blinds at window. Man speaks on phone. Lady writes notes. UNITED STATES: Customer pays attendent. UNITED STATES: Puppet sits down on bench. UNITED STATES 1940s: Japanese flags on side of building / People waves flags out of windows / Views of crowd waving flags. 1950s: Teenaged boy stands in front of lathe looking pleased and speaking. Wood lathe and tools on display. Teenaged girl in dress speaks on the telephone.
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