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1940s: UNITED STATES: Trees in fall. View towards trees across field. Track across field. 1940s: UNITED STATES: river in mountains. View across meadow. Snow on mountain top. 1940s: Blonde teenage girl looks for clothes in her messy room, finds a stained sweater and tries to clean it. Neat brunette girl sips orange juice and chats with her parents at breakfast. 1940s: Factory by waterfall. View of building across river. Belts moving on roller. Water wheel turning. Close up of wheels turning. 1970s: Map with black route lines. Parked trailers in field. Man in control room. Compass drawing line with pencil. 1930s: Several workers walk in a line outside of factory complex. Chimney with smoke. Primitive assembly line with men who sit on the machines and women who sort goods on the conveyor belt. VIETNAM 1960s: Audience watching play, claps. Actor on stage, performing. 1970s: Man with burns lays on table. Doctor covers burns with gauze. Man on table with legs elevated. Doctor covers man with blanket and helps him drink water. Severe burn on palm, man inspects burn. 1950s: Woman sits with loom. Woman sits with baby strapped to back, eats. Woman and children sit and eat. Man sits, toddler walks by. People sit on top of bus, wave. Drive through mountains.  1940s: Naval ships pass through narrow strait between islands. Village burns on shore of island of Maaloy. 1970s: CANADA: men hang fish on rack on shore. Man smokes pipe. Man smiles by catch. Fin on fish. UNITED STATES, 1973: Man screws nozzle onto airplane. UNITED STATES, 1965: Children raise their hands to teacher. United States: 1950s: people wait in lounge of house. Russia: 1950s: men sit on floor. Man listen to speech. Man shades eyes from sun. Ladies work in yard. Poster of man. Factory chimneys. 1940s: UNITED STATES: view across lake from boat. Autumn leaves on trees. Blue sky. People on boat on water. 1940s: Messy blonde girl and tidy brunette chat in the hallway of school with a third girl who invites them over. The brunette and the blonde both agree and chat excitedly. 1940s: View of refinery. Pan across spools of wire. Close up, fire burning in over. 1970s: Two men in uniform exchange trophy in front of scoreboard at podium on stage, shake hands.  1930s: Doctor's office with bed and closets. Women leave building and walk down the stairs. Woman stands at porch with a baby cart, knocks on the door, a woman comes out and holds baby in her arms. Vietnam 1960s: Illustration of battle.  Banquet.  Men shake hands.  People clap.  Men hold up pieces of metal.  Trees.
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