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1940s: Man stands at machinery, thinks, operates machine. 1950s: Two sheep butt heads over grass in group. Horned sheep graze. Sheep graze on snowy hill. Sheep stand on snowy hill. 1930s: UNITED STATES: ladies and men outdoors. Man smokes cigar. Dog performs tricks. 1940s: Workers grind and melt metal alloys in a factory. Kaleidoscope of radio tubes. 1960s: Men stand at bottom of plane stairs, President Lyndon Johnson and man walk away. 1940s: People ride horses alongside body of water. Men cast fishing nets near waterfall. 1960s: Vehicle parked. Person opens vehicle doors. People look. Paramedics roll out stretchers UNITED STATES: 1950s: People on deck of ship. Ship passes Statue of Liberty. Ship flies flag. Man steers boat. UNITED STATES: 1950s: glass block production. Glass blocks in situ. 1960s: People in meeting. Newspaper headline. King Saud and Gamal Abdel Nasser sign papers. 1940s: Man reads paper handed to him. President gestures and holds up PROCLAMATION sign. Man looks worried as he leans against desk with hand on his head. UNITED STATES: 1960s: dairy produce and packaging in factory. Cows in field. 1940s: Dogs pull sled with man and woman across snowy terrain. Woman walks near frozen lake. Dogs pull people in sled down snowy street. Man walks down snowy road. Truck plows snow from wooded road.  1960s: Man opens blinds.  Man arranges tools. 1960s: Man sits at desk, looks at papers, writes on papers. 1940s: People picnic in shade of tree. Building with cylindrical structure and statue on top. Tower amid trees. 1940s: Boy plays with sand, girl draws line in sand with foot. Woman and man run, look up, waves break in background. Woman walks and holds her dress. Two women walk along beach, people in water. UNITED STATES: 1960S: people watch Kennedy on television set. Soldiers listen to speech. UNITED STATES: 1970s: cars on highway. Material testing 1960s: Machines at work carry objects. Industrial site 1930s: People leave building. Street crowded with people and two military vehicles. People walk and carry belongings. Crowd of people stand behind barbed wire. People watch smoke.
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