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1940s: UNITED STATES: musicians play at baseball match and fair. Brass band play outdoors 1970s: trucks haul large amounts of construction materials move through site 1940s: UNITED STATES: man carries canoe through forest. Man walks through trees. 1960s: UNITED STATES: astronauts on moon live on television screen. Vintage television monitor of moon landing. Astronauts plant flag on moon. 1940s: Mosquito larva feeds at water surface, mouthparts move, turns head 180 degrees, creates water currents, brings particles towards mouth. 1970s: People gather in front of banner, zoom in to logo on banner. 1960s: Fountain.  Hallway.  Woman stands in courtyard.  Tomb. 1940s: Man drives train. Pedestrians and traffic move through busy city streets. 1960s: UNITED STATES: plane over ground. Man speaks on radio. Man writes notes on airfield 1950s: Woman carries toy trucks onto sales floor of toy store and sets them on display. Toy trucks on display. Truck has yellow spot on it. 1940s: Children playing with water spewing from fire hydrant on street. 1930s: Dog holds dead goose in its mouth. Dogs run backwards in snow holding geese in mouth. Dogs pick up geese dead on ground. Dogs run backwards on snow. 1930s: Animation of malaria zygote cell on stomach lining, growing with smaller cells inside. As it swells the smaller cells change structure then burst through outer cell. 1930s: Man digs through pot of dead fish and pulls a flounder out and holds it, then puts it back in pot. 1950s: Wedding guests walk by, some are couples. Line of people at car. 1930s: Bobcat sits on limbs in treetop. Dogs bark and surround tree in forest. Bobcat walks along limbs in treetops. 1930s: Man places drop of liquid on glass plate to be viewed under microscope. Bacteria cells move around around microscope. 1970s: People set out food and drinks on table. 1920s: Teenage girl dances on lawn. Woman looks out from window of house. Girl and children play ring around the roses. Children roll on lawn. Teenage girl dances on lawn. 1990s: Capital dome. Congress. Men sit around table. 1950s: UNITED STATES: close up of paraffin molecules Carbon and hydrogen elements in molecule. Arrow points to molecule. Animation of molecule
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