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War (1065)

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UNITED STATES: 1970s: planes lined up in row. Student and Trainer inside plane. Navy employees work at jobs. Navy students in classroom. Navy Officers dance at disco. United States: 1940s: crashed planes in and around Pearl Harbor. View from water. United States: 1950s: men work at radiological information desk in office. Man speaks on telephone at desk. Assistant radiation officer listens to phone call. Men point at information on desk. United States: 1950s: Men work at communal desks in office. Man approaches colleague at desk. Man walks away from desk. Man at desk makes phone call. United States: 1950s: side profile as man picks up telephone on desk. Man dials phone number. Man puts on glasses. United States: 1950s: Drawing of nuclear shelters on map. Chart shows dose rate at radiation monitoring stations. Europe 1940s: animated map of Nazi invasion. London on map. Nazi symbol. British fleet in harbour.  Arrows from Europe towards the west. Europe 1940s: men and women in factory work. Close up of light. Man mops brow. Woman mops brow. Lady drinks water from can. Lady serves tea in factory. Europe 1940s: spitfire planes in sky. Animation of planes in sky. Parachute lands next to ship in sea. Europe 1940s: military planes fly in sky. Close up of pilot Europe 1940s: planes take off from runway.  View of planes through window. Planes fly over clouds. Planes in formation. Gunfire from planes. Bullets in air. Europe 1940s:  pilot adjusts head gear before flight. Plane prepares to take off at night. Plane on runway. Patrol men stand watch. Europe 1940s: bomb released from plane. Man on place releases bomb with button. Explosion on ground. Building on fire after attack Europe 1940s: flames in London from above at night. Buildings on fire. Gunfire at night. Firebombs in London seen from above. Pilot in plane at night. Sparks on rooftop as London bombed. Europe: 1940s: grave marker for Lieutenant R.Zehre German Air Force. Crosses in field. Bus in street. Damaged buildings, Dead and wounded people. United States: 1940s: crane above sinking ship in sea. United States: 1940s: ship on side in dock. Cars drive past dock yard. Man films ship. Bottom of ship. EUROPE: 1940s: soldiers land on coast during war. Fighter planes above coast. Damaged boats in water. Soldiers dig trench in sand. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Buildings in America. Fallout shelter symbol on wall. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men sit at meeting. Government officials prepare for nuclear fallout. Policemen at meeting. Men on telephone switchboard. Foremen decontaminate area with hoses UNITED STATES: 1950s: blankets and supplies in fall out shelter. Men at meeting.
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