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War (1065)

United States: 1940s: Animated map of Hawaii, Oahu, and Pearl Harbor. United States: 1950s: Man stands by water cooler. People work in office. Health and medical department. Lady talks on phone. United States: 1950s: Men talk at office desk. Close up of man's face. Man makes telephone call. United States: 1950s: Man draws nuclear fallout forecast. Man checks radiation levels in room Man writes notes on paper, Man makes phone call. United States: 1950s: Men talk by blackboard and whiteboard. Men in office. Disaster and Chief desk in office. United States: 1950s: Graph shows allowable radiation dose after burst. Men work in emergency response office. Europe 1940s: woman looks after bus. Passenger gets off bus. Lady in uniform fills flasks. Ladies peel vegetables. Men enjoy meal. Women serve food to men. Men and women work in welding. Europe 1940s: man uses crane to move tank in dockyard. Planes in sky. Animated map of Britain. Bomb drops from enemy plane. Bombs fall on aircraft hangers. Planes in field. Europe 1940s: animated map of south coast of England. Title for Hell's corner on map. Planes in sky, guns fire from coastal defences. Pilot view of air Dover. Europe 1940s: title for September 15th 1940. Soldiers prepare Luftwaffe planes. Planes takes off. Europe 1940s: lady tears paper from machine. Lady in uniform. Man reads paper to typists. Man on type writer Europe 1940s: plane flies over airfield at night. Pilot of plane talks to rear gunner on radio. Pilot talks to operator of plane. Europe 1940s: title for Christmas 1940. View of church. Boy sings solo in choir. Boy's choir performs Christmas service. Soldier met by child at home. Europe: 1940s: London city buildings on fire, view from above. Men use searchlights to detect aircraft. Pilot in plane. Bullets fired from plane. Soldiers fire at enemy United States: 1940s: flames, clouds, and smoke around sinking ship in sea. Men in rescue boat. Guns on ship. United States: 1940s:  men escort injured soldier from ship. Smoke around ship. Water pours off ship. EUROPE: 1940s: man on boats jump onto land. Men walk through sea. UNITED STATES: 1950s: explosion on land. Nuclear explosion. Animated nuclear attack UNITED STATES: 1950s: man answers phone at switchboard. Siren warning system. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men talk at planning meeting. UNITED STATES: 1950s: emergency operating center desks in office.
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