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United States: 1950s: wreck of car at night after crash. Body of man inside crashed car. Man's body trapped between car door and tree. 1970s:  Hand moves throttle in reverse. Hand moves throttle back to neutral. United States: 1950s: man opens door of car. Ambulance men get into vehicle. Wreckage of cars after crash. 1970s: Boy in boat pulls on starter rope of outboard motor. Boy sits down on boat bench. Outboard motor. Hand holds throttle and pulls starter rope of outboard motor.  Boy stands at back of boat. United States: 1950s: wreckage of car on road after crash. Engine of car after collision. Officer carries body in bag as people watch. Men view side of car after crash. 1970s: Woman turns off boat. Head bobs in water. Woman throws flotation device into water. Man grabs flotation device. Woman throws rope overboard. Man grabs rope. Woman pulls man to boat with rope. United States: 1950s: close up of lady speaking in house. 1970s: Boat in distance with woman waving hand. Man steers his boat towards boat in distress. United States: 1960s: Picture of routes on Great Lakes. St Lawrence River label on picture. Atlantic Ocean label on map. Niagara Falls location on map. 1950s: UNITED STATES: man outside building. Horse and cart arrives at building. Drawing of house and carts. UNITED STATES 1950s: Policemen sitting at desks facing two men. Men look at papers. Police officer on motorcycle has pulled over a driver and writes him a ticket 1950s: UNITED STATES: front view of slow moving steam train on tracks. Side view of train on tracks. Train lets off steam UNITED STATES: 1960s: jet fighter plane takes off from flight deck of ship. Ship at sea. 1940s: Model cars drive down road. Car stops at right end of road. Red and yellow streak lines the length of the road. United States: 1970s: Camera follows fire smoke up through tree branches. Man warms self by fire. Man throws wood on fire. Man gathers fire wood. 1940s: Model cars drive around bend. Car drives down center of two-lanes. Cars drive through intersection. United States: 1970s: lorry stuck in snow. Cows in snow. Homes covered in snow. Boys watch television. 1940s: Model car is hit by train. Car narrowly misses getting hit by train. Parked car pulls out and gets hit. Car drives around bend and off road. Car spins down road. Car loses control and crashes. United States: 1970s: teenage boy watches television from chair. View of young man from outside of house. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Waves crash on rocks. View from cliff over sea. Lady and man in open top car. Car leaves house. UNITED STATES: 1950s: nurse locks papers in cupboard. Motor vehicle permit. Cars on street
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