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UNITED STATES: 1970s: airplane from above. Plane drops torpedo. B1 plane and parachute in sky. UNITED STATES: 1970s: man pulls cover off engine. Men work on B1 aircraft. Preparing a plane for flight UNITED STATES: 1970s: Air Launch Cruise Missile (ALCM) with sign. Man points at bays of plane. UNITED STATES: 1970s: troughs full of water at plane assembly plant. Fingers type on computer. Lady works at computer. Factory workers. United States, 1910s: side profile of man sat in basic plane. Man pulls levers on plane. Wing of plane moves. Ribbon blows in wind. Ribbon attached to plane. United States, 1940s: War ship at sea. Boats on water. People push vintage plane into position. United States, 1940s: view through window as pilot flies plane in war. View through sight of gun. Clouds over city. Ammunition drops from plane. Explosion as bombs hit ground. United States, 1940s: Sign for 'Peenemunde. Usedom-Wollin Stettin'. People walk from town. Rocket launched into sky. Rocket falls next to building. Explosion from rocket. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Launoy and Bienvenue flying top toy with wings. Blades spin in air UNITED STATES: 1950s: Early aircraft designs from the 1900s. De Bothezat 1922. UNITED STATES: 1950s: auto gyro takes off from ground. Auto gyro in sky. Helicopter testing in 1930. Nicolas Florine UNITED STATES: 1950s: British Bristol 171 helicopter takes off. Cierva Autogiro airhorse helicopter. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Bell helicopter used to gather walnuts from trees. Exploration party transported by helicopter. Geological readings taken from onboard helicopter UNITED STATES: 1950s: flames on helicopter blades at night UNITED STATES 1960s: Method of using pebbles to count single digits, tens, hundreds, and thousands. UNITED STATES 1960s: Two men sitting at a desk looking at a machine together. UNITED STATES 1960s: Information from punched card is recorded into films of tape. UNITED STATES 1960s: A man uses a computer to save on rotating disks mounted together to form a storage unit for a computer. UNITED STATES 1960s: Information is punched into a roll of paper at a register. UNITED STATES 1960s: Computers in a network working together. UNITED STATES 1960s: A flight control relays information to the pilot in the flying plane.
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