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Science (1809)

1950s: Orange block reads 1950s: Animation: test-tube pours liquid into another test-tube. Liquid in test-tube changes colors. Words 1960s: Black sky, planet amongst stars. Earth rotates. 1960s: Museum, Foucault Pendulum sign, large pendulum swings, knocks over pegs on board. 1960s: Observatory, man looks into large telescope, attaches camera to telescope, manipulates parts. 1960s: Person places strip along equator of world globe, the wipes globe clean. 1960s: The moon as a lunar eclipse slowly occurs. 1960s: Dotted line circumferences animated drawing of earth. Line changes orbit around earth. 1960s: Rotating view of earth from space. Woman rubs globe. 1940s: Arrow points to I, Iodine, and a bottle of disinfectant appears. Entire table of elements lights up. Hand writes compound and mixtures with chalk on blackboard. 1940s: Scientist cracks open hardened mixture of Sulphur and iron from test tube on bench. Black particulate and matter shatter on to bench. 1940s: Airforce airplane taxis in front of hangar. Sulphur is loaded on to railroad car. Liquid plastic is poured out. Live white mouse in bell jar. 1950s: Water snails and bugs move around below the surface of the pond. Water snails swim under water. 1950s: Female dragonfly lays eggs in pond. Mayfly nymph sits on rock underwater. 1950s: Boy stands on bank of pond, man and children approach, boy holds up stick with fish on it. Children walk around pond. 1950s: UNITED STATES: plants in water sample seen through microscope. Moving animal under microscope 1950s: UNITED STATES: star shaped plant under microscope. Animals seen through microscope. 1950s: Old professor puts tube on the table and points forward. Students sit in lecture hall, woman bites pencil. Man speaks and moves his head. University students sit in lecture hall and listen. 1950s: Man wears glasses, sits, grabs pot and spills coffee over bun. Man walks in park with glasses, sits into air and falls on the ground. Man confused tries to touch ball that moves on a string. 1950s: Man collects data, fills form and observes old professor and man with glasses that fight with wooden sword and shield outside. Old professor upside down fights with wooden sword. 1960s: Underwater plants. Utricularia (bladderwort) plant on surface of water. Detail of bladderwort. Small aquatic animals trapped in bladderwort structure.
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