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Science (1918)

UNITED STATES: 1990s: animation of container filled with seed and solution. Material science research. UNITED STATES: 1990s: satellite in space above Earth. Animation of satellite in space. UNITED STATES: 1990s: animation of satellite tethered to space shuttle above Earth UNITED STATES: 1990s: lady stands on turntable with weights in hands. GALAPAGOS: 1950s: dinosaurs in diorama. GALAPAGOS: 1950s: iguana inside hole in ground. Iguana leaves burrow PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: view across island. Boats at sea. Peace time military research. Clouds over island PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: coconut palms by beach. View along beach in Marshall Islands. Rusting metal on beach PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: sunlight and clouds at dawn. People board boat. Men row research boat. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: crab runs across sandy beach. Ray on beach. Worm on beach PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: research vessel at sea. Fish in sea. University building. Specimens of marine life. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: tissue samples dried on hot plates in lab. Man reduces specimen in lab. Man counts radiation in ash. UNITED STATES: 1980s: people sit in audience. Close up of duck picture with points. Man holds up picture of duck UNITED STATES: 1980s: controlled fire on refuge land. Man flies helicopter during survey of wetland UNITED STATES: 1980s: man takes boat out on water. Man fishing. Fish on line. Deer in refuge. Man looks through binoculars. UNITED STATES: 1980s: geese fly across sky UNITED STATES: 1950s: image of spinal column and skeleton. Upper part of spinal column. Skull joins to spine. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Axis cervical vertebra. Atlas and Axis vertebra. Vertebra on table. UNITED STATES: 1950s: lady bends side to side. X-ray of human body moving side to side. UNITED STATES: 1940s: man guides goggle wearing man outside building. Upside down view through goggles UNITED STATES: 1940s: man washes hands in outdoor sink. Man points stick at wall
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