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Safety (886)

United States: 1950s: lady leaves house. Lady forgets bag. Lady goes through door. Girl waves at mother. Lady gets in car. United States: 1950s: gas station attendant takes to man in car. View along road. House in street. United States: 1950s: boy runs through house door towards car. Boy gets in car. Boy drives off. Lady pours drink for husband. United States: 1950s: pencil makes mark on rotating paper. Finger points at paper disc of reaction times. United States: 1950s: traffic light changes colour. Car pulls out from road. Lady looks at papers and misses traffic light. Driver looks at lady. Man beeps horn. United States: 1950s: close up of lady's face and eyes. Car parts on road. Lady looks worried. Lady talks on sofa. United States: 1950s: man talks to people in lounge. Man explains why he is late. United States: 1980s: Car drives on snow. Car skids on snow. Car slides across snow. Car drives on wet ground. Car aquaplanes on wet surface. United States: 1980s: close up shot of wheel on dry and wet road from above. United States: 1980s: wheel spins in lab. Test wheel travels over wet surface. Drum speed dial records data. United States: 1980s: car travels across wet surface through obstacle course. Overhead view as car slides through obstacle course. United States: 1950s: policeman nods head. Boy in car lowers head. Close up of boy talking. United States: 1950s: car drives along road. View from front. Car swerves across road. Car overtakes on road. Man walks along sidewalk. Stop sign at side of road. United States: 1950s: Boys ride bikes on road. Boy calls friend back. Boy on bike checks for traffic. Boy and parents sit in police office. United States: 1950s: boys limber up for running race. Boys joke at start of race. Boys at starting blocks. Boy trips. United States: 1950s: digger moves earth. Man drives car. Man talks to boy and parents in office. Side view of people in meeting. UNITED STATES 1950s: Drawing of the USA with a star effect appearing that highlights Nebraska. A black and white static shot of cars travelling in both directions along a busy road UNITED STATES 1950s: UNITED STATES 1950s: Cars in the rain slowly passing two wrecked cars on a four lane road. A scene looking from the side of the road as cars pass a United States: 1970s: close up animation of blood flow to and from brain. close up animation of blood flow to and from kidneys. close up animation of blood flow to and from lungs. United States: 1970s: Fingers point to pulse point on neck of man. Close up of man's face. Man blinks. Fingers press on scalines of neck.
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