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Safety (886)

United States: 1950s: man stares into space. Boy returns home. Mother kisses boy. Boy talks to father. United States: 1950s: lady rushes through front door. Girl rushes through front door. Police officers talk in street. United States: 1950s: pencil makes mark on rotating paper. Finger points at paper disc of reaction times. United States: 1950s: people wait in lounge of house. United States: 1950s: cars drive on busy road. Two way traffic on road. Cars drive near box junction. United States: 1950s: car in front of house. Lady brings cup to man at table in kitchen. Man works at table. Lady calls for boy. Boy rushes to table. Lady pours drink. United States: 1950s: lady speaks on telephone. Lady puts down phone. Lady receives bad news by phone. United States: 1980s: car travels across wet surface and slides. Car drives through obstacle course on wet road. Car knocks over cones. Cars slides on wet surface United States: 1980s: close up shot of wheel on dry and wet road from above. Slow motion capture. Arrow on screen. United States: 1980s: close up of drum speed machine. Close up of wheel in lab conditions. Wheel on wet surface. Man stops wheel spinning. United States: 1980s: car slides as it drives through obstacle course on wet surface. Car hits traffic cones in test. Close up of wheel. United States: 1950s: policeman nods head. Boy in car lowers head. Close up of boy talking. United States: 1950s: man talks to policeman. United States: 1950s: family sit in office interview. Man talks to teenagers. United States: 1950s: boys run race on track. Athletes watch runners from bench. Family interviewed in office. United States: 1950s: girl puts finger in mouth and looks worried. Close up of boy. Family in interview with man. Teenage boy listens. UNITED STATES 1950s: Inside of a car looking through the windshield as it travels down a busy road UNITED STATES 1950s: Car approaching a UNITED STATES 1950s: Illustration of wind blowing over and under a bridge. A drawing that lustrates a car skidding and losing control in a large puddle United States: 1970s: close up animation of blood flow to lungs and heart. Man cuts away trousers around leg wound. United States: 1970s: hand presses on pressure point within neck and collar bone.
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