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MADAGASCAR: 1970s: book in fire and flames. Lady writes letter with quill MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man holds chicken. Girls dance. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man walks towards wall. Courier walks from palace. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Men carry Queen across land to village. Man knocks on doors. People wait for Queen. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: lady leans on door and thinks. Hand writes letter with quill. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man comes to room and takes man away. Pregnant lady sits on bed. Ladies in street MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Chief and villagers watch as people burnt at stake MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Man talks to woman and girl. Lady walks through town. Candle burns. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man talks to girl as man taken away. Man approaches girl from bush UNITED STATES, 1940s: Church building seen from the street. Church tower. Man looks through stack of books in church room. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Men in suits sits around table for meeting. Men survey church building. Man repairing church room. UNITED STATES, 1940s: View of a Church. Clouds in sky over church. Church tower. Writing engraved over church door. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Lady reads letter by candle light. Close up of lady's face MADAGASCAR: 1970s: boy reads writing on paper. Hand holds book. Man reads book to people MADAGASCAR: 1970s: family sit and listen to man speaking. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: people sing as Queen arrives in village. Lady sat on floor. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: lady prays to God. Man sticks spear in woman's back. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man poisons men for praying. Man talks to Christians in secret at night. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: girl walks through street alone. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: girl leans on town wall. Man by house. People sit in street MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man sharpens knife on rock. Man buys girl. Girl runs to rock.
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