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UNITED STATES 1950s: Parade on street under 'New York' title / Douglas MacArthur waves in car / View of buildings, ticker tape / Views of crowd cheering. UNITED STATES 1950s: High angle views of men working on top of nuclear reactor / Safety warning sign in plant. UNITED STATES 1950s: Man balancing on pole, pole swings to ground / Woman on trapeze / View of audience. UNITED STATES 1950s: Ben Hogan hits ball in hole, shakes hands with Skee Riegel / Hogan, Riegel and Bobby Jones / Hogan smiles at camera. UNITED STATES 1950s: Black stilt bird at Philadelphia zoo. UNITED STATES 1950s: Historical marker for Jonathan Trumbull home / Trumbull house / Revolutionary War office / Sign for war office. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1951 : A man climbs up a rope ladder to the top of a hole of a cave. AUSTRALIA CIRCA 1951 : An orchestra moves to the direction of the conductor's baton. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1951 : An elevator brings a car down from a garage to its waiting owner. AUSTRALIA CIRCA 1951 : String instrument performers play a tune in an orchestra. AUSTRALIA CIRCA 1951 : Flames in the Blue Mountain Region of New South Wales rage through towns from day to night and is not controlled. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1951 : Stalactites hang from the ceilings as stalagmites build up from the floor of the White Grotto cavern in Italy. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1951 : A dolphin is trained to jumped through a hoop and fetch a stick. HOLLYWOOD CIRCA 1951 : In Hollywood, Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie, Jr.'s house is cleverly hanged with the help of designer Richard Spencer. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1951 : Joe DiMaggio does hitting practice and then enters during opening day at Yankee Stadium. PHILIPPINES CIRCA 1951 : In the Philippines, Hibok-Hibok volcano erupts for the third time in four years damaging the island of Camiguin and killings hundreds of people. UNITED STATES 1950s: Troops construct bridge across river / Officer talks to Dwight Eisenhower / Troops construct bridge. UNITED STATES 1950s: Long shot of parade on New York City street / Man throws ticker tape out window / People wave from windows / Douglas MacArthur in car / Low angle shot of buildings, ticker tape. UNITED STATES 1950s: D A Keys and workers in nuclear plant / Hands with isotope cylinder, pan up to Keys / Man puts cylinder in machine, Keys talking. UNITED STATES 1950s: Performers on trapezes, man catches woman / Woman on trapeze, drops onto net. UNITED STATES 1950s: Exterior of bird house at Philadelphia Zoo.
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