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VIETNAM 1960s: Officer on platform addresses soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Long shot, soldiers exercise in formation / View of soldiers from behind. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer triggers trap, branch falls / Close up zoom of bamboo trap / Close up, seated soldiers / Officer in front of soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer passes damaged boards to soldiers, soldiers pass boards back. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaking / Officer in front of soldiers / Officer speaks / Seated soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Long shot, seated soldiers / Pan of soldiers applying camouflage / Medium shot / Close up, soldiers apply camouflage. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldiers stand, march toward camera. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldiers walk toward camera, turn, fire into bushes / Long shot, zoom in on soldiers in bushes / Zoom in on officer. VIETNAM 1960s: High angle shot, soldiers by bunker / Soldiers inspect guns. VIETNAM 1960s: View of field, zoom out to officers talking to soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Close up, soldiers at attention / Officer in front of soldiers / View of officer from behind soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer gives orders / Long shot, soldiers exercise / Soldier doing push ups, zoom out to soldiers and officer. VIETNAM 1960s: View of bamboo trap / Officer speaks, soldiers in foreground / Officer with soldiers / Stick enters trap, trap closes. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldiers and officer kneel with mine, officer gives instructions. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaking / Officer in front of soldiers / Close up of soldier.