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VIETNAM 1960s: Views of soldiers standing at ease / Officer speaking, soldiers in foreground. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaks to seated soldiers, grabs sign pole / Soldiers sitting. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer in front of soldiers, explosion, zoom in on officer / Close up, officer speaks, zoom out, officer speaks. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaks in front of soldiers / Close up of instructive sign. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldiers sitting in circle, soldier gives instructions. VIETNAM 1960s: Close up, general speaks into camera. VIETNAM 1960s: Hand held shot, soldier and officer walking from behind. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer gives orders, pan to soldiers listening. VIETNAM 1960s: Long shot, soldier places grenade and runs for cover, camera lowers, explosion / Soldiers exit structure. VIETNAM 1960s: Close up, soldiers pull rope / Hands attach carabiner / Soldier in river takes gun / Soldiers cross river with rope / Soldier pulled out of river / Soldier in bushes. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaking. VIETNAM 1960s: Close up of Vietnamese sign, zoom out to officer speaking to soldiers / Soldiers sitting / Soldiers stand. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer with soldiers, soldiers put on helmets, lie on ground. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaking / Close up of soldier. VIETNAM 1960s: Close up of soldiers sitting / Soldiers in circle, soldier gives instructions, zoom in on instructor. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer talks to seated soldiers / Officer addresses soldier. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer with soldier, soldier drops to ground / Soldiers crawl, soldier walks into bushes and fires. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer gives orders, tilt down to aerial map, pointer / Soldiers inspect guns. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldier looks through rubble, smoke / Soldiers using field phone / Soldiers walk through field. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer pins badge on soldier, shakes hand. VIETNAM 1960s: Army trucks filled with soldiers pull up and stop.
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