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AMERICA: 1950s: Various shots of fabric rolls.  A hand removes one of the fabric rolls from a large stack. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman uses a sewing machine to stitch a seem into a piece of fabric.  Her face is shown as she looks down at the fabric. AMERICA: 1950s: A computer display showing orders in a dress shop blinks. Bagged dresses move along a hanging track. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman feeds a piece of fabric through a sewing machine. AMERICA: 1950s: A man shows two dresses to a table of three retail buyers, who take notes, observe, and converse. AMERICA: 1950s: A man in a suit admires and feels cuts of fabric used to make dresses. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman models a dress with a floral pattern. AMERICA: 1950s: A man in a suit sits across from three female coworkers. He handles fabric at his desk. AMERICA: 1950s: A rack of men's jackets pulls away to reveal a panel of clothing buyers who look at a dress a man holds up to them. The buyers converse and take notes. AMERICA: 1950s: A computer punch card reader sorts punchcards into different slots.  A print out indicates data read on the punchcards. AMERICA: 1950s: A man in a suit helps two female dress makers as they tailor their dresses on mannequins. AMERICA: 1950s: A man places a stack of punchcards into a computer punchcard reader, AMERICA: 1950s: Rolls of fabric are stacked on top of each other in a storage room. Close up of polka dotted fabric.  Close up of a fabric with a floral design. AMERICA: 1950s: A tailor places a dress onto a mannequin and checks it to ensure that it has no defaults. AMERICA: 1950s: Various shots of fancifully clothed male and female mannequins in storefront display windows. AMERICA: 1950s: Two women in a tailor's shop admire a finished dress. An older man in a suit takes a call in an office.  A younger man comes by to show him a piece of paper. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman models two different dresses. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman cuts a large checkered piece of fabric with sewing shears. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman with a purse and gift box walks by a mannequin in a storefront window on an urban street. A crosswalk light. AMERICA: 1950s: A woman carrying a shopping bag and box, walks down an urban street lined with tall buildings. She stops to peer into a shop window before continuing on. AMERICA: 1950s: A dressmaker begins to make a seam by folding and pinning a piece of fabric on a mannequin.
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