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UNITED STATES 1960s: A group converses in the back room as they smoke drugs. UNITED STATES 1960s: The man and woman start to smoke while talking. UNITED STATES 1960s: Young adults walking to places. UNITED STATES 1970s: Close up, child's hand adjusts Lego pieces / Girl with Lego structure / Hand adjusts pieces. UNITED STATES 1970s: View of 'Don't Walk' sign / High angle of view, man skips across street / Man skips on sidewalk, zoom in on sign for free samples. UNITED STATES 1960s: The woman continues smoking and stares at the remnants afterwards. UNITED STATES 1970s: A group of people drive slowly in an early generation car as newer cars zip down the road. 1950s: Woman says good-bye looking concerned. Man waves and backs up car. Woman looks after him worriedly. Man drives car and yawns. UNITED STATES 1970s: A young man is being examined by a doctor and becomes increasingly nervous. UNITED STATES 1970s: The forehead of a man is shown up close. 1950s: Police car drives down dark city street. Headlights on the dark street. Police car pulls up to a stop in front of a building. Police officer in uniform opens car door. UNITED STATES 1970s: A tall building contrasted to a barren desert. UNITED STATES 1960s: Two men tie the young bad to the bed posts as he continues having convulsions and frothing at the mouth. UNITED STATES 1970s: Children sit on floor, zoom in on boy biting fingernails / Young man biting nails / Middle-aged man biting nails / Older man biting nails.  1950s: Clean-cut man straightens tie. Woman helps him put on police uniform jacket. Woman holds police hat looking worried. 1950s: Sergeant  reads from citation book. UNITED STATES 1970s: Close up views of Lego structure. UNITED STATES 1970s: Scientists, artists, and craftsmen performing the jobs at their respective position. 1950s: Police officer talks on radio in police car at night. Car speeds past police car and police car puts on lights and follows. Police officer talks on radio. 1950s: Woman speaks, looking concerned. Man answers, drinking coffee. Man finishes coffee and gets into drivers seat of cab. 1960s: Hand arranges joints. Close up of joints. Group of people, zoom out.
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