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UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : Dry soil is overturned as a farmer fills a container with water. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : A tractor goes through plowed land again to overturn soil. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : Seeds placed in a container are dropped by a tractor. ALASKA 1960s: In the Gulf of Alaska, a piece of iceberg is submerged into the water causing a big wave to form. ALASKA 1960s: Damage is seen in Alaska after it is hit by an earthquake ten times the power of an atomic bomb. ALASKA 1960s: Rescue teams search ruins after an earthquake. ALASKA 1960s: After an earthquake, irrigation pipes are brought in to Alaska and typhoid vaccines administered. ALASKA 1960s: Minnesota floods engulf houses and buildings. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : A pipe is attached to a large container as a farmer cleans his tractor. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : Three men talk as one man sits on a green tractor in a farm. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : A green tractor pulls a seed planter where a man sits to inspect the droppings. ALASKA 1960s: A large wave crashes. ALASKA 1960s: Collapsed buildings and structures all over Alaska after an earthquake hits. ALASKA 1960s: Saving victims and restoring communication and utilities after an earthquake in Alaska. ALASKA 1960s: An overturned train catches on fire as a twister hits. ALASKA 1960s: Relief workers work as a team to transport goods. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : A farmer drives a tractor which is pulling equipment to water land. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : A farmer drives a tractor that waters and plows dry soil in preparation for planting. UNITED STATES CIRCA 1960s-80s : A farmer drives a tractor to plow farmland. ALASKA 1960s: As large waves crash into a ship, the ship is thrown off a port. ALASKA 1960s: A large area of Alaska's suburb is affected after an earthquake as 150 houses in one community are damaged.
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