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UNITED STATES: 1960s: animation of cloud and fallout over house. Animation of gamma rays UNITED STATES: 1960s: animation of distance travelled by particles. UNITED STATES: 1960s: man holds Geiger counter. Man puts machine on shelf. Man talks to camera. UNITED STATES: 1960s: loaf of bread in packaging. Hand opens bread packaging safely. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Drawing of a cloud forming after a nuclear explosion. Drawing of particles inside a radioactive cloud UNITED STATES: 1950s: Footage of a radioactive column of particles and cloud. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: survey members stand by plane. Man walks to car. Men on harbour side. Ship on water. Beach and coast PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: ship on water. Animated map of island. Collection zones on island PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: coral reef life. Men collect samples from sea. Waves break on rocks. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: infrared lamp on research ship. Men study radiation on board ship. Dissection area on boat. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: tissue samples on hot plates in lab. Man reduces specimen in lab. UNITED STATES: 1960s: animated sun and radiation. Gamma rays animation. UNITED STATES: 1960s: disposal of paper towel in bin. Hand opens tin can. UNITED STATES: 1960s: fallout shelter for 2400 people. Sign for shelter. View of building. UNITED STATES: 1960s: man holds Geiger counter. Man puts machine on shelf. Man talks to camera. Man walks to desk. UNITED STATES: 1960s: effect of radiation on materials. Wood sheathing, glass, brick, concrete, earth, and wood. 1950s: UNITED STATES: Animated title 'fallout'. Rain falls on title. Cartoon man watches projector. Man hides face in fear. Man smiles 1950s: UNITED STATES: animation of man with clipboard and glasses. Man looks at map of states. Man makes radio announcement. 1950s: UNITED STATES: cartoon family inside fallout shelter with groceries. Family listen to radio 1950s: UNITED STATES: animation of table and supplies. Family inside fallout shelter. Bed in shelter. 3ft tall shelter. Games, drawing materials, books in shelter 1970s: UNITED STATES: city at night. Rocks on machines at mine. Man walks towards mine cart.
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