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UNITED STATES 1950s: A family reacts to a video of an atomic bomb blowing up. UNITED STATES 1940s-1950s : Three scientists in a nuclear laboratory control room.  One scientist accepts a phone call while two others read the displays on panels. UNITED STATES 1940s-1950s : A scientist in a laboratory uses a remote control device to operate machine arms to work with radioactive material behind a glass window.  UNITED STATES 1940s-1950s : A scientist experiments with sample cylinders, using a control box with lots of knobs. UNITED STATES 1940s-1950s : A scientist works in a nuclear pile. JAPAN 1940s: A map showing target of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. JAPAN 1940s: Surfaces of a statue damaged by the atomic bomb. JAPAN 1940s: Damage to Japanese headquarters wipes soldiers and buildings. JAPAN 1940s: Sides of Red Cross Hospital blown because of the force of the atomic bomb explosion. JAPAN 1940s: Map showing the damages of the surrounding areas of zero point. JAPAN 1940s: Side of high school facing zero point leaning in its direction. JAPAN 1940s: Japanese people in Nagasaki involved in the production of war weapons. JAPAN 1940s: Buildings of reinforced concrete and smoke stacks remain upright although damaged. JAPAN 1940s: Area near zero point completely wiped up to a church a mile away. UNITED STATES- CIRCA 1950: Children duck on sidewalk, against brick wall, covering heads with jacket collars and hands, pan shows adult woman ducking in alcove. UNITED STATES 1970s - Zoom out from “ERDA” sign in parking lot. Pan left of white buildings. UNITED STATES 1970s - Armored recreational vehicle. UNITED STATES 1970s - Two employees in an office environment; train engine on tracks. UNITED STATES 1970s - Men put things in back of station wagon; communication radio in cab of station wagon; man in back of station wagon. UNITED STATES 1970s - Government employees in uniforms at a training session; employee in an office. UNITED STATES 1970s - Police cars; officer exits car with rifle, approaches man who also has a rifle.
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