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UNITED STATES: 1950s: hand paints ink line on paper. UNITED STATES: 1950s: artist paints tree in ink UNITED STATES: 1950s: finger mixes paint in palette. Man's face. Man mixes colours UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand opens box of Post drawing ink. Hand removes lid of ink UNITED STATES: 1960s: fingers fold cleaning cloth. Fingers clean ink from compass. Hands use compass to draw half circle UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand draws circle in ink with compass. UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand uses compass to make ink marks on paper UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand moves ruler on page. Hand makes line marks with ink UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand shades in areas on illustration. Pencil points to line gauge for ink work. UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand draws ink marks on paper with ruler. Pencil points to line chart UNITED STATES: 1960s: pencil points to lines on chart. Fingers use triangle to draw lines UNITED STATES: 1960s: pencil makes diagonal marks through triangle set. UNITED STATES: 1960s: hand makes mark on paper. Ruler on paper. 1950s: Child stands next to Christmas themed paper decoration with hand drawn and painted trees, stars and angels. 1950s: Boy cuts golden paper into circle with scissors. Boy draws on paper with black marker.