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1930s (949)

United States: 1930s:Men in crowd. Election crowd. Roosevelt speaks to crowd. Flag in street. Man escorts lady down the stairs. Man kidnaps lady. Man in crowd. United States: 1930s: 1920's theatrical performance. Ladies dance on stage. Lady in large hat. Ruth St Denis contemporary dances outdoors. Russian composer arrives in America and smiles at camera. JAPAN: 1943: Daily hustle and bustle of Tokyo. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese stock brokers rejoicing as development begins in rural areas. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese army checking news articles before they are printed. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese farmers collecting the grain and rice from their crops. JAPAN: 1943: Adults and children working in the Japanese factories. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese men in factories build motors. JAPAN: 1943: boys bow to boy on platform. Close up of boy's face. Boys clean. JAPAN: 1943: children and teachers visit airplane in room. Boys look up at airplane in exhibition. JAPAN: 1943: young man eats rice from bowl. Man drinks tea. Man blows bugle. JAPAN: 1943: soldiers train for battle in circle. Japanese flag in sky. Men march. INDIA- CIRCA 1930: Gandhi sits and works with thread.  A large crowd of men in topis and mundus look up at Gandhi, who sits on a small stage.  A large crowd of women in saaris and children sit. UNITED STATES 1930s: Wide shot of milkman handing milk cannisters to dock worker or customer for loading in wagon.Wide shot of farmer pouring milk into pig trough and pig in foreground. UNITED STATES 1930s: Wide shot of family meeting father. Looking at paycheck UNITED STATES 1930s: Close up of hands fondling and exhibiting grass for display. Medium wide shot of flora being blown in field. UNITED STATES 1930s: A small plane struggles to get off the ground. UNITED STATES 1930s: A rocket attempts to launch but crashes and blows up. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : Large machinery on cargo ship pumps. Extreme-long aerial shot of River Rouge plant. Tilt up to smoke stacks/ steam vents on top of factory building. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A crane arm rises out of a hold on a cargo ship. A long shot of an area of the River Rouge power plant. There are industrial buildings, smoke stacks and a railroad. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : Crossfades show the piece-by-piece construction of a V8 engine block.
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