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United States, 1910s: close up of feet on pedals. Foot taps on floor. Close up of hands on levers. Hands pull levers. Tail of plane moves when levers pulled. Plane tail. UNITED STATES: 1910s: train leaves port with soldiers. Soldiers march through streets. People on street wave at soldiers. Man in uniform UNITED STATES: 1910s: men rest and sleep on hay in trench. Soldiers walk through trench. Men smoke cigarettes. Men watch from trench. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers clean guns. Soldier brings letter to officer. UNITED STATES: 1910s: guns roll back and forth. Guns fire from trench. Soldiers run. Man throws grenade. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers on carts. Planes in sky. Soldiers on horseback. Planes drop bombs. UNITED STATES: 1910s: weapons hot ground. Soldiers run from trench. Soldier loads machine gun. Soldiers run across field. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers run across ground. Soldiers step over bodies. Soldiers jump into trench. UNITED STATES: 1910s: people celebrate in street as war ends. Schweppes advert on bus. People in carts. UNITED STATES: 1910s: man and children walk through bunker. 1910s: Airplane disappears over horizon. Men in military uniforms march in a line. Airplane in sky. Fleet of airplanes in sky. Explosions on battlefield, men falling. UNITED STATES: 1910s: Fairbanks, Chaplin, and Pickford go on nationwide tour in World War One. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers walk past stalls in France. People in street. People at caf?. Soldiers eat at caf?. Soldiers drink coffee. Waitress talks to sailors. Man plays piano. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldier cleans blade. Man cleans gun. Soldier puts ladder in trench. Uniform men gather. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers sit and smoke. Soldiers rest. Soldiers walk through trenches. UNITED STATES: 1910s: barbed wire fence. Men fall as gun fire hits. Soldiers fire guns. Soldiers run. Soldiers fire from trench. Soldier dies after hit UNITED STATES: 1910s: military planes in sky. Pilot in plane. UNITED STATES: 1910s: close up of machine gun fire. Soldiers run across ground. Soldiers load weapons. Soldiers throw grenades from trench. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers run across ground. Soldiers step over bodies. Soldiers jump into trench. View from above. UNITED STATES: 1910s: people cheer and wave as war ends. Soldiers march in street. View across water to city 1910s: Men talk next to dinosaur skeleton. Men gather under skeleton. Man at desk. Hand drawing.
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