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1960s: UNITED STATES: lady in garden. Visitors prepare to leave after visit. Family in garden. Family look at camera 1950s: UNITED STATES: boys run to church. Boys in choir in church. 1950s: Boys practice squeeze plays with baseball in backyard. Boys run back and forth and play in backyard. 1950s: Woman answers telephone and calls to girl.  Family and dog run out of house.  Girls put on shoes. 1950s: United Airlines plane on the tarmac, women walks up the staircase to board the plane, looking out the window over the wing and clouds 1950s: UNITED STATES: man talks to lady. Lady shows magazine to man. Lady runs off to answer door. 1960s: Man takes ski boots out of trunk, releases boots from holder. 1960s: UNITED STATES: Fire men raise arms. Fire department run towards truck. Firemen run with hose. 1960s: Golf course. Woman in pink shorts on hillside swings and hits ball up hill. On top off hill, lady swings and hits the ball into the valley. Man in khaki shorts places ball on tee. 1960s: UNITED STATES: Fire men run to truck, Men fill truck with water. Men spray hoses 1960s: BRITISH COLUMBIA: CANADA: sunken tree trunks in lake. View across lake towards trees. 1960s: Man points to map, man plays bugle, Viet Cong soldiers run through jungle, man talks on phone. Man stands with hands raised. Prisoners of war are tied up, connected with rope, march in line. 1960s: racecar turning onto a straight run of track and then making a turn 1930s: Troops stand at attention.  Women load vegetables on truck while soldiers watch.  Sheep run.  Men drive wagons full of hay.  Soldier sits while men dig. 1930s: Baby girl stands in sprinkler, makes funny faces, woman runs by, scoops her up. Baby walks smiling. Baby stands by sprinkler, hands outstretched. Woman walks down path, other stands, looks. 1930s: Soldiers walk through forest.  Young boy.  Men run.  Man grabs weapon off dead body.  Bridge. 1940s: People walk near large building. Children stand in grass, run across grassy field towards building. 1950s: UNITED STATES: boy runs to window. Boy looks through window of house. Boy runs to edge of curb. Boy crosses road. Ship and passengers celebrate departure. 1940s: Redwood forest. Men and women walk across giant log. People walk out of hole in tree. People walk through hole in tree, man squeezes through, smiles at camera. 1950s HARLEM NEW YORK: African-American man and woman stand together solomonly. Man speaks of an attack in Harlem. 1940s: People gather outside at long table to eat. People roast food in large fire.
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