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UNITED STATES 1970s - Two parked police cars; man pointing gun at cars; police car driving. UNITED STATES: 1960s: man takes off shoe in store room. Man talks to employee. Man shows himself after hiding 1940s: List of animal defenses. Frog crawls under log. 1960s: Animation: Ladder swerves to roof, man climbs ladder, moves chimney brick, finds paper, retreats. Man tacks schedule to wall. Man thinks, smiles, hat and sword appear, man brandishes sword. 1910s: Man hides in bush. Angry mob  gathers at bush. Man in coat falls to ground. Man and woman peer from bush and talk. Mob stands at bush. Man and women go back into bush. UNITED STATES 1950s: After exposure to sunlight, maggots hide themselves. 1910s: Young girl runs to a closet underneath some stairs, pulls a doll out from under her dress, then hides in the closet with the doll. In another shot, a different girl approaches a bench. 1940s: Bugs crawling on branch. Caterpillar on branch. Butterfly on branch, arrow appears. View of toads on ground. 1950s: Christopher Columbus. Sailors. Christopher Columbus notices hiding natives. 1910s: Couple leaves bush and finds man on ground. Couple runs away. Couple drags man into bush. Woman shakes head and talks. Man emerges with coat and hat. Mob stops and questions couple. UNITED STATES 1940s: Soldier waves man out of hiding / Soldiers wave to man coming out of rubble / Man with white flag. 1910s: Girl sits in cramped space playing with a doll. 1940s: Praying mantis on grass. Panning shot of rattlesnake moving. 1950s: Hands inspect gun, lock gun in drawer. Boy takes rifle from closet. 1940s: Spies follow Private Snafu. Japanese spy and other ethnic stereotyped spies pop out of background. Private Snafu talks on phone. Japanese spy is in phone, German and Italian listen too.