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1950s: hands comb hair up and down. man in suit and necktie points brush at wigs on two mannequin heads and talks to woman in dress at table near curtain and chandelier. 1940s: Salesman kneels and places filter paper between vacuum head and bag. Salesman speaks to woman and demonstrates vacuum. Vacuum runs over carpet. 1970s: Man in cowboy attire. Hands cup kindling. Hands add sticks to smoking kindling. Cowboy stares. Kindling bursts into flame. Cowboys on horseback ride among cattle herd. 1940s: Woman and salesman speak. Salesman lifts vacuum and displays undercarriage. Hands point to wheels on underside of vacuum. 1970s: UNITED STATES: hands set up detonator in blast area. Man in glasses and hard hat. Close up of man 1930s: Hands remove test tubes from rack. Hands hold test tubes with liquid and bacteria. Text placard. Illustrated cross section of tooth and gums. Animated decay spreads on tooth. 1940s: Two men stand in the middle of field. Man points. Men sit in office meeting. Man stands and hands out flyers, explains to people. 1940s: Chinese calligraphy is on white paper as hands push down marble stamper and leaves red stamp of Asian characters. 1940s: Car seller sells car to costumer. Two students talk and shake hands.  1930s: Group of people around maple tree. Woman drinks maple syrup from pail then hands it to other girl. Dog licks wooden spoon. Two kids drink maple syrup from cup, sitting against tree. 1970s: Hand scoops shortening from can, tilt up to girl. Hands drop shortening on scale. Girls drop shortening. Shortening on scale, tilt up to gauge. Needle on scale. Hands pour vanilla in spoon. 1950s: Pilot grips yoke of plane and struggles to control it. Stormy ocean below plane. Weather report transmitted from plane. Plane enters calm or eye of the storm. 1960s: Man with glasses speaks intently to woman. Woman responds. Woman watches man leave office. 1940s: Two soldiers lie dead near wall of sandbags. Hand opens family bible. Hand writes names on page labeled deaths. 1950s: Hands fold clothing over suitcase. Man, woman and boy pack suitcases. Man and woman talk to boy while packing. Boy responds and leaves room. 1950s: Crane dumps iron ore.  Man at podium.  Men shake hands.  Women smile. 1970s: UNITED STATES: three women have debate in corridor at work. Lady speaks with hands. Lady listens. Lady gets annoyed. 1950s:  hand opens drawer in cabinets and retrieves papers. fingers place and sorts forms about building parts of kitchen on counter near apple pie and sugar bowl. 1950s: Man cuts wood on handsaw. Neighborhood road. Finger adjusts thermostat. Man turns knob on air-conditioner. 1930s: Swordfish jumps and struggles on fishing line in sea. Hands pull line and operate fishing reel. Men pull swordfish from ocean. Large fish jumps and struggles on fishing line. 1950s: Close up, hands pull cartridges from pocket. Close up, warning on box. Animation, bullet trajectory from gun.
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