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1950s: Woman in coat and scarf shovels snow from her driveway. 1920s: Man stands on rural road near barn and silo with cow. Men lead cow off road. Men lead cow into barn. 1950s: Families ice skate on frozen lake in public park. People watch families skate on frozen rink near building in park. 1930s: Men and women smile and stand in subway station. Men and women carry luggage and bags in subway station. 1930s: Crowds of men and women stand in line nears rocks and cave entrance. Men and women walk through cave past stalagmites. 1940s: Women stand on rocks.  Ice chunks float in river.  City. 1960s: Three women in white lab coats, unfold and smooth thin metallic sheet in brightly lit room. 1960s: Server dips grilled meats in bowl of sauce and places them on diner's plates. Diners eat grilled meats and talk. 1960s: UNITED STATES: machine spray coats wall and ceiling 1940s: UNITED STATES: machine coats pipes. Man removes reel from machine. 1950s: Midwife and couple stand from couch. Midwife shows couple to door. Woman lies on examination table. Doctor looks down. Hand examines woman's face. 1960s: Flag waves near laboratory building. Men works on Telstar satellite. Man speaks near satellite. 1950s: Man smiles and shrugs.  Church.  Family walks to car.  Man approaches and greets people.  Men run. 1970s: UNITED STATES: nurses in coats walk along corridor to work. 1950s: Man speaks and eats cookie. Clerk responds. Men talk over grocery store counter. Clerk talks while gathering groceries. 1950s: Men sit at diner counter. Men talk thoughtfully over coffee. Man in hat responds and counts fingers. 1950s: Man and elderly woman talk thoughtfully at diner counter. Car pulls into realtor's parking lot. CALIFORNIA 1950s: man boards plane. People walk up steps to plane. Passengers arrive on board plane. Flight attendant helps passengers with luggage and coats. 1940s: Men load car. 1950s: A toddler walks towards a duck toy. Rabbit sits next to a house. Family dressed up for Easter. Man uses shovel to break ground as people dressed formally stand around him. 1930s: Lincoln opens door and exits Inn. Crowd of men pace and yell angrily in lobby. Title card. Rustic wooden town hall building.
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