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1940s: Farms and fields with trees around. 1960s: Broadcast screen goes blank. Men sit at consoles in NASA mission control room. Man is looking at book. Man writing in book. Man looks around. 1970s: Small recreational boat speeds through the water, people on board smile and look around. 1960s: Drawing of the moon over earth in space. Lines circle around the moon. 1940s: Pygmy hippopotamus walks around, sniffs grass. Words, common hippopotamus, Africa. Large hippo walks slowly across ground. 1950s: Fish swim around in aquarium sitting on table. The words, no sudden change in temperature, appears then disappears. Boy takes plant from aquarium and puts it in small fish bowl. 1940s: Indian elephant walks around enclosure. Elephant eats hay with trunk. 1970s: A girl. A girl. Another girl. Children in classroom are playing around. Woman at front of class talks and children sit in chairs. Girl stands at front of class with book then sits in chair. 1970s: Teenagers walk around a room, break off handle to door with crowbar then enter door. 1940s: Street lamp. Smoke rises up from the middle of London. Cars and people crowd around bombed building. Men and women climb over rubble. 1960s: Stock cars race around track.  Car skids and spins.  Daytona International Speedway. 1990s: Man on space shuttle looks into spinning polka dot color wheel. Woman looks into color wheel. Man looks into color wheel. Students in science class stand around table talking. 1970s: Woman shuts and locks trunk of car, looks around. Woman walks into office, walks out with man in uniform and points to car. Woman hands man keys to car. 1970s: Group of mainly African-American kids sit cross legged on floor around a teacher, listening attentively. 1920s: Students gathered around table with diorama of building on it. Teacher approaches. Entrance of diorama building. Sign for shrubs. Landscape around building. Teacher talks to students. 1960s: Men strap man into seat. Man spins around in seat. 1950s: Boy runs electric train console as Father leans in. Girl watches as signalman pops out of signal box. Family gathers around electric train set under Christmas tree. 1950s: UNITED STATES: Man climbs down from tractor. Man walks around tractor. Tractor inside factory. Piston Rings in factory 1950s: Woman sits and talks with man who stands and wears a Victorian military uniform inside a room. Man talks, gesticulates and slightly moves around, woman sits and listens to him, she replies. 1950s: Teenage boy walks into room wearing gym clothes, picks up basketball from chair, passes ball around waist, drops it, dribbles it, aims and shoots ball. 1970s: UNITED STATES: children run to teacher in playground. Children sit on floor around teacher and policeman. Policeman crouches on ground
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