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1940s: Men work in steel rolling mill. 1940s: Bombs explode on and near battleship. Bombs explode in city. People run through city streets. Bombs explode on and near docks. Battleship cannons fire into air. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : An electric control operator runs a white hot ingot through a rolling machine where it is flattened and cut into smaller rectangles. 1940s: Eucalyptus tree waves in breeze. Koala in eucalyptus tree. Koala eats leaves in eucalyptus tree. 1940s: Pedestrians on sidewalk in town. People enter store. Man exits store with package. Man and woman on street corner with packages. 1940s: Minister reads telegram aloud. Elderly couple stare off in sadness. Man embraces woman. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A factory worker weighs v8 engine pistons, checking for weight variation. Another worker tests the openings on pistons using a small machine. 1940s: Koala climbs to top of eucalyptus tree. Koala climbs to end of limb. 1940s: For Rent sign in window. Man walks down street. Cars on street. Truck turns on to side street. View of factory roof. 1940s: Soldiers fire howitzers. Ground explodes near jeep. Soldiers disembark rafts and run through shallow ocean onto beaches. Water explodes behind raft. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A worker on an assembly line grabs an engine part off a track and places it into an engine block. Worker places pistons into the block as it moves down a conveyor belt. 1940s: Mother and baby koala cling to bare branches. Mother carries baby koala up branch. 1940s: Man picks items out of barrel. Woman dumps out basket into pile of garbage. 1940s: A man pounds a ring on a rod with a mallet. Native American women and men smile and pose for the camera. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A factory worker affixes an engine part to a v8 engine block as it moves down a conveyor belt. He then attaches tubes to those parts. 1940s: Two women argue in intersection. Woman turn into children, fight over doll. Man leans back in car, rests head on hand, talks. 1940s: Child eats. Woman grimaces. 1940s: A man at a workbench dabs water along the edge of a Concho button. He solders a copper strip to the back. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : Two factory workers place a steel sheet onto a press that shapes it into the form of a car exterior. 1940s: Moose wanders through grassland, eating plants. Young moose is eating plants. Adult and young moose are eating plants. Young moose is eating plants. 1940s: Man picks up appliance and puts it down.
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