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UNITED STATES: 1950s: man by chalk board speaks. Man draws dotted line on chalk board. UNITED STATES 1950s: View of newspaper / Dissolve to text on paper, hands edit text. 1910s: woman looks out window, opens, closes and locks door. women gather on house porch as men in Union soldier uniforms talk and hold swords as troops march and horses ride past fence. JAPAN 1940s: Total area of damage of the second atomic bomb is large. UNITED STATES 1940s: Man takes bag from cellar / Women and girls sewing. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Scientist releases fish into tank with electric eel. Electric eel takes gulp of air from water surface. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: preparation of a radiation autograph on tissue sample. UNITED STATES 1600s: Crowd of colonists, man whispers to woman / Man speaks to crowd from stump. 1940s: Men sitting on sidelines of horseshow hold out cash. Two women watching horseshow. Men on horses on field playing polo. Three men standing side by side. 1940s: Wedding reception.  People stroll together outside venue. 1950s: Girls jump rope on playground. Children play on playground near buildings. 1940s: Men stand by fence. Man and boy stand in shed. Men hold sacks. Boy carries heavy sack. 1940s: Panning shot of ship on water. 1950s: UNITED STATES: animals in cages arrive at zoo. Zebras in cage. Zebras fight in cage. Tigers and lions fight in cage. Elephant in cage UNITED STATES: 1960s: salmon volauvents. Take a can of salmon booklet. Lady sends letter. 1950s: Boy measures height of table, looks at yardstick, smiles, talks to man. Man and boy walk around table, measure height of chair. Boy puts yardstick on tables, measures hand. 1940s: Aerial view of San Francisco city, street grid, coastline, cliffs, waves, Pacific Ocean. 1940s: UNITED STATES: settlement by the sea. Buildings in bay. Sea defence. 1950s: Building.  Women walk down sidewalk and trip.  People on street.  1930s: People walk down city street. 1940s: Hut, girl, boy look solemn, boy lies in bed sick. Rocky coast, waves roll in.
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