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1950s: Family eating around fire. Sunset, silhouette of covered wagons. 1950s: Hotel room. Woman in green stands on stairs. Hotel lobby with bamboo wall and furniture, iron railings, arched windows overlooking palm trees. 1960s: Aerial view of forest and river. 1920s: Factory.  Smokestacks.  Men work with molten metal in furnace. 1930s: Man smokes cigarette on top of Great Wall of China. People walk along wall. 1950s: sparks and flames fly as molten metal pours into giant vat in iron works factory. Pittsburgh International Airport stretches out under a clear sky. 1930s: Baby spiders. Cross section of baby spiders in web. 1940s: UNITED STATES: children with paper windmills. Lady and man visit building. Boy runs on path 1950s: Butterfly on flower.  Garden.  Butterflies flap wings.  Eggs on leaf. 1950s JAPAN: Japanese paper lantern. Field. People walk by Buddhist temple. 1940s: Man on tractor pulls cart of corn. Yellow flowers. Plane flies through air. Man walks with hunting dog. Men, horse and dogs move around field. 1970s: Plastic garbage bins on side of road. Trash cans next to stairs.Trash cans on sidewalk. Stack of empty trash cans. Rows of empty trash cans. 1960s: Man yelling while sitting on arrow that's burning. Icicle melting off depressed man. 1960s: doctor using tools to place gauze and bandage over patient's stitched wound 1960s: Worker is on the ground, writhing in pain. Another worker comes running and takes out his handkerchief for a tourniquet. 1940s: UNITED STATES: view of planes on airfield. Side profile of pilot in flight. Plane above runway 1990s: Kids playing game around table. Close up, hands color game pieces. Kids at table. Game pieces on paper. Zoom out on paper, title on screen. Hand writes on form. Kids around table. 1970s: UNITED STATES: development of cow in laboratory animation. Cow in art. Frog cloning. 1970s: Construction equipment moves dirt. Man pours oil into can, squishes tar sands in hand. Man scoops tar sand into beaker of liquid, pours mixture into pan, scoops sand out of mixture. 1940s: Rat puppet sniffs around woods. Pied piper walks through woods, plays instrument, rat dances. Woman puppet stands by table, man puppet sits at table. 1950s: UNITED STATES: Map of USA. Location of emergency shelter sites across USA. Test Demonstration title and alarm drawing
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